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Made to Measure Clothing:

I enjoy working closely with my customer to help them realise and render their designs to achieve the best possible outcome within their budget. If you are looking for an outfit for a special occasion, or find it difficult to find clothing that fits just right, or wish to replicate your favourite item, look no further, I'm happy to offer my expertise!

Luxury Product Range:

Some of my products I offer only on a made-to-order basis as the material cost and labour cost (time it takes to create the piece) would out-price my core range by some way, examples of this include silk velvet kimonos, luxury faux fur gilets lined in silk and evening dresses, you are welcome to get in contact to arrange a quote, these items are also able to be altered to customer request (at an additional cost).    

Customised Product Range:

As I make all my products on mainly a made to order basis, all my items are able to be altered to customer request (at an additional cost).


I also offer simple alterations including taking up/letting down hems, replacing zippers​ and changing worn out collars/cuffs etc

Pricing£15 Per Hour + Material costs.


If you would like to arrange a quote, please get in contact through the enquiries page. 

Womenswear, Menswear & Childrenswear design services available

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