*The bunny is a decorative item and not to be used as a toy, it is a precious thing and requires gentle and considerate handling.*


Also it is worth investing in a Felting Needle, as overtime the bunnies may require a little spruce up.


Needle Felted Bunny Doll in White (One-Off)

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  • A beautifully hand crafted needle felted bunny rabbit doll; with great decorative appeal. It's the perfect size for displaying on a chair, stool or a shelf etc! Ideal for rabbit enthusiasts! 🐰

    It is a completely original design, with the base pattern being hand drafted by Alexander himself and you will not find another like this anywhere!

    Made from a natural cotton domete base, which is then needle felted upon using super-soft lambs wool to create the rustic texture of the rabbit's coat, and it's body is made from a medium weight cotton and is finished off with a collar ruff made of the same fabric.

    Much thought and consideration has gone into its design and construction, from its plaited yarn whiskers, to the silky satin inner ears and faux suede paw pads, this attention to detail make it a truly luxurious handmade product.  

  • Base Fabric: Cotton

    Felt Coat: Super soft lambswool

    Body: Cotton

    Eyes & Nose: Felt 

    Paw Pads & Ear Lining: Mixed Synthetic Fibres

    Whiskers: Wool 

    Filling: Hollow Fibre Polyester Filling (Fire Retardant and tested to BS5852/2 Furniture and Furnishings Fire Safety Regulations.)